Friday, January 11, 2008

Holiday Feasting

Happy New Year! I’ve returned from my blogging respite and have some exciting posts planned for the coming weeks and months, including the much anticipated “Blackberry Pockets” recipe!

For now, I will provide you with a recap of some of the highlights from my holiday culinary adventures:

homemade cherry pie
(Cherry Pie)

blueberry bagels sliced
(Blueberry Bagels)

These fantastic items were made during an all-to-brief vacation I spent down in San Antone with my wonderfully talented and cheffy folks (and sis) and we prepared all of this food together.

green corn and porkless (vegetarian) tamales
(Porkless--vegetarian-- and green corn tamales)

One of the best things about my growing enjoyment of cooking is that it has given me something to bond over with my family. Almost everyone in my family takes great satisfaction from preparing an excellent meal and our shared passion for food and cooking means we always have something to talk about and an activity to carry out when I visit.

cinnamon, cocoa roll cake... thing
(Cinnamon, cocoa roll...thing)

So the next time you visit your family, join them in the kitchen and bust out some tasty treats together! Whether you take on a new culinary challenge or prepare an old family staple, you will find that cooking with the people you love is one of life’s true delights.

homemade fettuccini
(Homemade/rolled fettuccine)